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Russian company ZAO "Severstal-SMC –Vsevolozhsk" increasing the volume processing

11 December 2016

ZAO «Severstal-SMC-Vsevolozhsk» is part of the Corporation «Severstal Russian steel». The owners of the last — Mitsue and «Severstal».

For reference, PAO Severstal Russian steel mining company. Mitsue is the largest financial group in Japan.

For the current year JSC «Severstal-SMC-Vsevolozhsk», the plant has produced about sixty thousand tons of steel products. The figure is already much higher than last year.

ZAO «Severstal-SMC-Vsevolozhsk» performs a variety of work in the field of metallurgy. The main areas of work are: the dissolution of metal, the welding of the billet and cutting billet for forgings. The factory operates only in the CIS line for the production of welded blanks for the automotive industry. Because of this, the company entered the market for the production of ultra-light steel body. This product is especially in demand now in Russian and foreign companies in the auto industry. The line is capable of welding workpiece thickness up to three millimeters. She is now working at maximum load. Per day are processed almost two hundred tons.

Advertising Director of ZAO «Severstal-SMC -Vsevolozhsk», said: «the benefits of the plant high technical competence, modern equipment, and geographic location. This greatly enhances the ability to provide services for the processing of rolled products, increasing sales in all corners of the world.»

In addition, the plant is still several production lines. So, the line for cutting the workpiece makes it possible to process steel of various grades. And press eight hundred tons, allows to make stamps of different bases: plain and notched.

It is also important that in the recent exhibition «Metal-Expo 2016» in Moscow «Severstal-SMC-Vsevolozhsk» received the award «Leader of innovative development».

The main supplier of raw materials for the enterprise is the Cherepovets steel mill. It provides «Severstal-SMC -Vsevolozhsk» almost ninety percent.

The plant actively attracts international and domestic markets. Improving the quality of products allows you to compete with industry leaders.

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