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Russia: Kola MMC joined the action "Zero negative impact on the environment"

7 December 2016

One of the largest Russian metallurgical plants expresses the desire to reduce the amount of emissions. Kola MMC has joined environmental action «Zero negative impact on the environment.» The event initiated by the world environmental organization «Bellona». From the title it is clear that the aim of the campaign is the protection of the environment. Bellona invited the participating companies to suspend production for a while. In the factories, where the technological cycle allows you to freeze the work.

World event «the Zero negative impact on the environment» was the second of this month. The Russian manufacturer has demonstrated its proactive stance in the fight for the environment. Kola MMC for the day stopped to refined workshop on preventive maintenance. In addition, the smelter was stopped for a few hours the work of three ore-thermal furnaces. At the same time, work was halted melting envelope branch of the metallurgical plant.

Plant management is active in supporting environmental projects. Head of production V. Shain, said that the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere — one of the priorities of the enterprise. That is why participation in the campaign is so important to Kola MMC.

During the campaign, the mill was able to «kill two birds with one stone». Because this day was planned in some departments. And, therefore, participation in the action did not affect the implementation of the plan.

Participation in the project not only had a positive impact on the environment. Thanks to the «Zero negative impact on the environment», the mill was able to save money on electricity. According to preliminary calculations, Kola MMC has saved half a million kilowatt-hours of energy.

In addition, the company carried out a phased modernization of facilities. So, for eighteen years the emissions of sulphur detox dropped a few times. During the above period the total investment amounted to fifteen billion rubles. That is about two million dollars.

Now all of the global producers Beaudry for the sustainability of production. Kola MMC is one of the few Russian companies fighting for a clean environment. Participation in the promotion should give example for other Russian metalloproizvoditelej.

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