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The head of the Corporation, Tata called the Savior of the British steel industry

18 December 2016

The British newspaper, the call, interim President of the Corporation, Tata RATAN Tata, the Savior of the local steel industry. So, thanks to the journalists RATAN Tata received the nickname «man of steel». In the press Mr. Tata is credited with a constellation of positive qualities. So, it is believed that thanks to him, the company managed to save ten of thousands of jobs. Journalists believe that RATAN Tata has contributed to the removal of the Cyrus Mistry — the previous head of the Corporation. It is the latter initiated the sale of the steel assets in the UK.

The British newspaper Sunday Times writes: «a fundamental change in company policy occurred after the concise meeting of Tata in Mumbai. A meeting of the Board of the parent company Tata laid the Foundation of the work of RATAN Tata as Chairman. On 24 October the Council’s decision was dismissed Cyrus Mystery. And his place as head of the business Empire, (which covers a variety of industries), took the Tata.

The British press strongly touts the new Chairman. He is considered the architect of the purchase of Corus, which was held in 2007. Acquisition cost Tata to six billion pounds.

Insiders claim that the seventy-eight year old nanny could not become reconciled with the policy of the previous management of the Corporation. In particular, the magnate doesn’t want to sell the Tata Steel plant in Port Talbot, Wales. The company has for many years been the largest steel plant in the UK.

The journalists said that while RATAN Tata at the helm of the Welsh plant may hope for a reprieve.

The English press claims that Tata was upset that the style of leadership of Cyrus Mistry against Tata Steel.

It became known that it has signed lucrative deals with the Union and by the UK government. The conclusion of these treaties solves the problem of Tata Steel with huge debts. The news was happily accepted by eleven thousand employees of the Corporation in the UK.

However, the news about the change of plans руководстваTata was embraced not only by employees of the company. The UK government, trying to find a compromise to leave the enterprise of Tata Steel in the country.

The main reason for complaints about the care provided the disagreements between the steel company and Pension Fund. Because the conditions were unbearable for the Indian holding company.

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