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Russian "Severstal" has started importing steel from China

17 November 2016

Recently, deliveries of «Severstal» in the European market increased significantly. Cheap product always finds its buyer. Recently it became known, China has for a long time supplied the goods through third countries. This fact has become generally accepted, and the United States and the European Union has already initiated investigation into the incident. But in any case, Chinese steel is cheaper. And since the surplus production allows manufacturers in China to resort to dumping.

Now, according to Reuters, «Severstal» intend to reconsider the policy of export to Europe. The leadership of the Russian company believes that it is more profitable to export steel purchased in the DPRK. This decision is due to the fact that duties on Chinese steel is much lower. In digital ratio, the import of Russian goods on the territory of the European Union ranges from 18.7 to 36.1%. At the same time, duties on similar goods of a native of China ranged from 19.7 to 22.1 percent. Since the EU tariffs of fees are calculated individually, using Chinese steel, the company can save considerably. According to preliminary, using this method will help to reduce fees for Severstal of approximately 12 percent.

For Russians, on the hand playing the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar. This factor also provides a great return Russian product. Recent data indicate an increase in the share of Russian steel in the European market. Over the past year it has increased from 5.9 percent to 9.8.

About the innovations in enterprise policy already expressed by the Executive Director «Severstal» Vadim Larin. At the moment, the share of sales of cold-rolled steel in the EU is about 2% of the total sales of the company. And, the volume of hot rolled steel is six to seven percent. Because the European Union is currently conducting investigations into sales of hot rolled steel from a number of non-European countries. Fees may be set in April next year. «If it is to happen, duties on hot-rolled steel affected and our company. Will have to move our goods to other regions, and the company could lose profits," — said the Larin.

It is worth noting that according to analysts, such a move «Severstal» can «add fuel to the fire» for European steelmakers. As has long been sharply there is a question by the low rates of duty for China.

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