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Evraz appoints new Vice President for Finance

27 November 2016

The fourteenth of November, the British mining and metallurgical holding Evraz announced the appointment of a new Vice-President for Finance. He was Nicholas Ivanov. The company said that the appointment took effect on the same day.

Previously, as Vice President of Finance belonged to Giacomo Baizini. The Italian worked on the post as acting for four months. He was appointed after the departure of the «Eurasia» Paul Tatianina.

The President «Evraza» Alexander Frolov congratulated Ivanov with the new position. And wished him success in carrying out its tasks.

Nikolai Ivanov graduated from the Finance Academy under the government of Russia on a speciality «Finance and Credit». After that he was educated in the United States in the field of accounting.

Now Ivanov will lead the Finance Department of the holding. In addition, it is responsible for supervision of the legal unit. The responsibility of General Nikolai Ivanov, to enter and control the work of the division of information technology.

The main task of the new Vice-President for Finance would be to work with investors. Management expects that Ivanov will be able to implement a new financial strategy of the company. The company will hope that Nikolai will be able to reduce its debt burden. And in the future to spend a significant cost reduction.

Ivanov already has the experience of work in large companies. Since his appointment in Evraz, he worked for three years in «VimpelCom». The company brought him Mikhail Slobodin, who himself was appointed in VimpelCom in 2013. Prior to this, both long time worked in TNK-BP. While Slobodin was the acting Vice President. Nikolay Ivanov has held the position of Deputy Vice President. His scope was focused on exploration and production.

A new milestone in the career of Nikolai Ivanov is no less impressive. Mining and metallurgical plant Evraz — huge vertikalno-integrated enterprise. The company has assets in many fear, among them: Russia, Canada, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Ukraine. The British have long been holding occupies one of leading places among the largest manufacturers.

Nikolai Ivanov expressed hope for fruitful cooperation and achievement of goals. New Vice President of Finance is a long-term and fruitful cooperation.

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