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Mexico extends countervailing duties

11 September 2016

The Mexican Ministry of economy reported on the results of a second investigation regarding countervailing duties. It was conducted in compliance with all WTO rules. The plate was considered Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian steel. Production thickness up to 4.5 inches, width up to 120 inches. Length of products reaches up to 480 inches. The previous period of duty lasted from 2010 to 2015. The new expiry date will be five years. The origin falls on September 22 last year. The amount of countervailing duties remained at the same level. Russian metallurgists will have to pay 36.8% of the Romanian 67.6 per cent. Duties on Ukrainian products comprise 60.1 percent. Duties imposed on goods of Russia and Ukraine will affect the products, micro-alloyed with boron.

The Mexican government imposes countervailing duties on Russian steel plate since 1996. Regularly prolonging, Mexico ignores the fact that Russia, over time, have become a WTO member. Accordingly it is considered a country with a market economy. For two decades, has changed and the relationship of the metallurgical companies with the state. The Mexican Ministry of economy the beginning of the retrial in September 2015. The duration of the procedure amounted to almost a year.

Mexican authorities also informed about the new validity period of countervailing duties on Ukrainian wire rod producers. Means the products made of carbon steel. Retrospective imposition of rates assigned from September 15 last year. Their size ranges from 30.52% to 41%. Duties on Ukrainian wire rod, the Mexican authorities introduced in 2000. At that time a leading supplier of products were Enakievo metallurgical plant. In mid-September last year began the standard procedure of revision of duties. It is held every five years in accordance with WTO rules. However, Ukrainian producers of changes followed.

Hard measures relate to the strengthening of Mexico’s protection of its own market. In July 2016, the countervailing duty was established on the importation of wire rod from China. Its size amounted to USD 490/tonne. Mexican steelmakers continue to urge the authorities to strengthen the protection of national internal market. Active activities involve the imposition of additional taxes on imported steel products.

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