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The Cherepovets plant repairs units

1 September 2016

Cherepovets steel mill is part of Severstal. In the period June-August in the steelmaking Department carried out works on the overhaul of industrial units. Service unit conducted a reconstruction of the design parameters II and III converters. Was repaired the installation of continuous casting of steel, equipment for fire cleanup. It was also restored installation for vacuum treatment of steel. The cost of overhauls carried out in the steel division amounted to approximately RUB 600 million. Held at the Cherepovets plant work will provide trouble-free operation of equipment. The overhaul will allow you to produce the planned volumes of steel products. The most extensive and at the time of the record is the reconstruction of the Converter # 3. It was held proper planning of works. The staff had worked smoothly. In the end, the repair failed to complete more than a hundred hours before deadlines.

All repair activities were conducted in parallel with work processes. Daily work was attended by about 200 people. Specialists performed a unique operation. They managed to produce a complete replacement of the Converter housing. The cost of new equipment amounted to more than 300 million RUB. It will be able to operate for ten years. However, this is not the first Converter, which replaced the housing. Housing two units was restored during the construction of the installation, trapping fugitive emissions.

Repair processes have been carried out virtually on the eve of the 61st birthday of Cherepovets steel mill. 24.08.1955 year blast furnace No. 1 produced the first batch of cast iron. This day is considered the date of birth of the giant metallurgical sector. Today the Cherepovets plant remains the most significant trade of the Volgograd region. The plant employs about 30 000 employees. The plant contains over 100 large-scale process plants. The number of foreign and domestic customers reaches about five thousand. For more than six decades, the plant produced about 366 million tonnes of iron. The amount of steel had reached 467 million. The number of issued rolled steel reached 439 million tons. Priority of the plant not only increased production. Leadership care and customer satisfaction. With this aim is the implementation of the complex program «the Year of the customer».

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