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Kola MMC is building a new overpass

8 August 2016

In the smelting shop of Kola MMC, in its main building under construction. A subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel, is building the overpass. It is designed to perepadya cranes. This building will provide statement in the main conveying equipment. Only in the main building there are three cranes. With their help, is Converter download of materials. They are also used for bottling Feinstein. It is obtained after pyrometallurgical processes.

Each of the overhead cranes in accordance with the schedule undergoing repairs. Also provides maintenance. Particularly difficult is the repair of the middle crane. Difficulties arise during its transportation to the repair area. In this case, it blocks the extreme tap. In the end, they both do not participate in production processes. The construction of the flyover will provide an opportunity to avoid such outages. The lifting mechanism provides the lifting crane. The rest technique to obtain the ability to move the location of the area of the repair work. To date, completed the laying of the Foundation. The builders began installation of metal constructions of the overpass. Enter the overpass work will provide increased cargo flow of the main Bay. To increase the efficiency of the Converter load.

This is not the only work designed to increase the productivity of the company. Since the beginning of July in the shop of electrolysis of Nickel mounted polymer concrete electrolytic tank. Planned to install 64 baths. The polymer actively replaces previously used for these purposes]. The main difference of new reservoirs — increased internal volume. It allows to increase current capacity. Due to this increase and the development of cathode Nickel. Another plus bath — high durability. Tanks produces Belgian plant. At the request of the company was reinforced for the reinforcement of capacities. The modernization has increased the term of the use of baths. It is also possible to save money on repairs.

In the shop at the beginning of July the work was about a hundred electrolytic tanks. The annual capacity of the plant is approximately one third of the design capacity. She, in turn, up to 45 000 tons annually. To meet targets is expected over the coming months. The plant resumed its work in 2015. For several years, its operation was frozen.

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