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The Indian government continues to set fees

14 August 2016

The government of India has set a new anti-dumping duties. They touched on hot-rolled flat-rolled products, supplied by some countries. The list is Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Indonesian and Brazilian products. The effect of customs duties will continue until February next year. This was announced by the Department of revenue of the Indian Ministry of Finance. The tariff amounted to 474 USD/ton. It is imposed on hot rolled flat products. Means the products of non-alloy carbon steel. Its width is of 2100 mm, thickness up to 25 mm. anti-Dumping duty imposed on hot-rolled not rolled nonalloy carbon steel products. Their thickness is up to 4950 mm, thickness up to 150 mm. the Size of tariffs reaches up to 557 USD/ton. The preliminary investigation established low cost foreign steel hot-rolled flat-rolled products. The result was the damage caused by Indian manufacturers.

The Indian government is taking all necessary measures to protect the national market. To do this, at the beginning of August decided to extend the minimum value for foreign products. Added period will be two months. It will last until 04.10.2016. The minimum price for steel imports as domestic market protection work in India from February 2016. Initially a minimum value set for six months. The mechanism of action expired 05.08.2016 year.

The national steel producers continue to put pressure on the authorities. The main goal — the ousting of the imported products market in the country. In early August, the Directorate-General of the country’s anti-dumping measures recommended the introduction of duties on flat products. The investigation in respect of the rental of the six countries established Indian manufacturers. The lawsuit was filed by companies Steel Authority of India Ltd, Essar Steel India Ltd, JSW Steel. Representatives of the companies said that the imported products are harming the national metallurgical sector.

While South Korea is ahead of China, exporting to India its own products. The results of II quarter indicate that shipments reached 511 000 tonnes. China has supplied 510 000 tons, Japan 300,000 tons. Russia’s deliveries amounted to 170 000 tonnes. Together, these countries supply ¾ imported to India steel products.

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