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USS-POSCO Industries asks the abolition of fees

3 July 2016

Plant USS-POSCO Industries located in Pittsburg, addressed to the authorities. It concerns the granting of exemptions under the impact of countervailing and anti-dumping duties. We are talking about potential taxes in the United States on the Korean hot rolled flat products. Duties were assigned according to the results of the investigation, to date, have not yet finished. The joint lawsuit by the American manufacturers was filed in August last year. One of the applicants is a Corporation U. S. Steel, co-owner of the enterprise USS-POSCO. The lawsuit charges has affected manufacturers in Japan, Korea, Brazil, Netherlands, UK and others. The discontent of the American manufacturers concerned of dumping observed in the us market. Reference was also made illegally received state subsidies. Final fees will be set by September 2016.

At the same USS-POSCO notes to the annual receiving of the products from the second co-owner. It is a Korean Corporation POSCO. Supplies amounted to 700,000 tons of hot rolled products. After receiving is processing. This volume is more than 50% of Korean exports to America. In 2015, the size of the supply has reached 1,216 million tons. If the imposition of duties on these goods companies will have to look for other suppliers. In respect of the cost of such a move unprofitable. There are no guarantees of stability of deliveries of the goods. The current situation compromises the subsequent activity of the plant. Accordingly USS-POSCO asks about duty-free supply of hot rolled flat products POSCO at the company.

Similar requests were received from the other American production of steel products. In particular, dissatisfaction was expressed by California Steel Industries and Steelscape. Enterprises located in the South of California. They are traditionally used in the production of supply-side tackle. Exemptions have already taken place in 1993, 2001. During these periods, the country has introduced restrictions on the import of Korean hot-rolled products. The government, however, an exception was made for the company USS-POSCO. Representatives of the plant Express the hope that in 2016 a favorable repetition of the situation will take place.

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