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Sukholozhskiy Casting will produce grinding balls

21 July 2016

The company Sukholozhskaya Casting is a part of metallurgical complex of UMMC. In future the company plans to launch a new production line. It focuses on production of grinding balls of steel. The diameter of the balls ranges from 25 to 60 millimeters. Project annual capacity of the area reaches 30000 tons. Scheduled delivery of products to the mining companies. The balls will be used for grinding of raw materials. Annually processing plants of the holding employ about 25 thousand tons of such material. The project aims to provide the grinding products of their own enterprises. Then followed the stage of sale of products to foreign customers.

Andrey Panshin, technical Director, commented on the situation. Today, the balls can be purchase from suppliers. While there are cases when its characteristics do not correspond to the declared. Development of our own products is not an example of better. Accordingly, the reduced consumption of products. Also within the holding will be able to save considerable financial resources.

Grinding steel balls enterprises meet all the requirements of GOST. The required hardness of the products is ensured by raw material. Use blanks are round rods with a length that is 3.5 to 5 meters. They are made of high quality steel grades 65G, 40X. Produce these products at the metallurgical enterprises of UMMC in Serowe and Tyumen.

Placed the ball-rolling area on the former site of the production of aluminum alloys. The shop has been empty since 2007. The installed equipment allows to produce hardened balls. The necessary equipment was delivered to the company by the Russian Institute of metallurgical engineering — VNIIMETMASH. The cost of the project is about 200 million RUB. Thanks to the ball-rolling line jobs will receive 60 people.

This year, Sukhoi log Casting will be able to provide production and processing enterprises of the holding. The plant will produce about 9000 balls. Their cost will be about 300 million RUB. In 2017 the implementation of the second phase of the project. It is planned to purchase special equipment. It will ensure manufacturing of balls with diameter from 80 to 120 millimeters. Also will be produced spikes, bolts and studs. The product industrial plants in demand not less. The cost of the second line will be around 187 million RUB.

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