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Kola MMC continues modernization

10 July 2016

Kola MMC is a subsidiary of «Norilsk Nickel». In the shop , Nickel electrolysis No. 1 of Kola MMC the installation of polymer concrete electrolytic baths. Planned the installation of 64 new modern tanks. The new equipment will replace the old concrete. The main difference is that large internal capacity. By increasing volume increasing load on the tank. The result is the increase in the production of the cathode metal. Another plus a new bath — high durability. Kola MMC suggested that the manufacturer of the tanks to reinforce their reinforcement. As a result, the Belgian manufacturer of the modernization has increased the life of the product. Kola MMC received an opportunity to save significantly on repairs.

To date, the process of electrolysis of Nickel in shop No. 1 involved about 100 baths. The design capacity is about 45,000 tons annually. The share shop productivity accounts for about a third of this amount. Targets the shop should be out in the coming months. CENG No. 1 is one of the divisions of the Monchegorsk industrial site. To 2015 for several years the plant was mothballed. Last year it resumed. The reason was the increase of production volumes of Nickel in Monchegorsk. The production increase is carried out in the framework of the development strategy of «Norilsk Nickel». The reconstructed shop should provide processing of additional volumes of Nickel raw materials. This need has arisen on the background of stopping the operation of the Nickel plant in Norilsk.

Kola MMC actively modernizing their own enterprises. In the first quarter, the purchase of equipment was spent 470 million RUB. Purchased 650 units of new equipment. This year Norilsk Nickel is going to be spent on modernization of Kola MMC, RUB 2.1 billion. Relative to 2015, investments in new equipment increased by almost half. Re-production for Norilsk Nickel is a priority. Upgrade equipment and technology to increase productivity. Also increasing the safety of work processes.

On mine «Northern» in the first quarter was acquired by the stationary unit. It provides drilling geological boreholes. Also purchased equipment includes an electric locomotive and trolley. Shop supply has received the rectifier. His value is 12 million RUB. About 50 million RUB were directed to the acquisition of railway tank cars.

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