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On Uralelectromed started installation of polymer baths

20 June 2016

Continues the second phase of electrolysis plant of copper on Uralelectromed. The company is the metallurgical complex of UMMC. To date, the company commenced the installation of a polymer concrete baths. In General, plan to install 448 containers. Considering the technological equipment of the shop to point out the crucial role of electrolysis baths. In them occur the electrolytic refining of copper. This involves using unsupported technology. The essence is to use cathodes made from stainless steel instead of copper elements. The quality with the technology of copper cathode is 99.99%.

The process evaluation made the head of the technical Department of the enterprise, mark Shuklin. Modern tanks are designed with the expectation that the technological operations were carried out at the highest level. The same requirements and dimensions of equipment. In one capacity fit of the anode 63, cathode 62. This number is twice the number of items in the Department, the current standard technology. Installation of the first technological bath was done by two five-ton hoists. It is assumed that the installation of bath will be completed by the end of 2016. The polymer will increase the service duration of the electrolysis baths. Such containers can operate without damage for 20 years or more.

In addition to the installation of the tanks being of the roofing project. At this stage, installed more than 50% of the frames lubricating. Is laying the vapor barrier layers. They consist of insulation, waterproofing, asbestos cement sheet. It is assumed that decom this year the process for the formation of the roof will be completed. Also planned is the installation of the system internal drainage.

Construction of stage II of tankhouse copper started in the summer of 2014. Its activities are built on unsupported technologies, repeating the work of the first stage. It is expected that the launch of the second phase will increase production capacity for the development of cathode copper. Annual volumes will increase to the level of 320000 tons. This year, investment in the project is estimated at 1.6 billion USD. Overall investments in the project reached RUB 4.6 billion.

The first stage of a copper electrolysis plant was put into operation in 2012. The investments exceeded RUB 4.4 billion. Today production capacity of the plant exceeds the planned 150,000 tonnes of cathode copper.

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