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The company Steel Dynamics was awarded «Metals Company of the Year»

24 May 2016

The other day in London ended with the holding of international events prestigious Platts Global Metals Award". 19 may was held the ceremony of awarding the winner, chosen by the jury. The jury consisted of veterans of the global sector of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In addition to the main winner’s been named the leading company in the industry. Taking into account the end of 2015.

Award «Metals Company of the Year» went to American producer Steel Dynamics. High evaluation by jury have received successful integration into the company’s business Severstal Columbus. This plant Steel Dynamics acquired in 2014. Also positive feedback was awarded with a diversified assortment. The marked predominance in demand of high value added products. It was taken into account and the presence of high management culture. Despite the difficulties observed in the American steel sector, Steel Dynamics has remained profitable. Among American manufacturers began she observed the best financial performance.

Title Director year received March Surlyn. She is the head of the American Corporation United Scrap Metal. The main activity of the company is aimed at buying up waste. The sellers of the raw materials are industrial enterprises. After the purchase of United Scrap Metal processing and realization of secondary resources. Your business March Surlyn began in 1978 with small. She had one truck and a starting capital of 200 USD. To date, the truck has grown to a company of national scope. Its financial turnover is USD 200 million. The base employs 2.5 thousand corporate clients.

Russian companies were also awarded prizes. The jury noted the activities of NLMK. The company got the award «Industry Leadership Award», marking the production of steel. RUSAL received a promotion in the aluminium sector. The contest organizers noted that NLMK is rightly recognized as the industry leader 2015. The company has demonstrated strong financial performance, strategy, expansion of the product range. RUSAL was noted for the effective reduction of the cost of production of aluminium. It was also marked by his contribution to the fight against global warming. In accordance with the received data the company managed to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The reduced volumes amounted to 54% relative to the mid 90-ies.

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