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In January, the activity in the steel sector could continue to decline

10 January 2016

At the end of December before the holidays and Steel sector continued to see a reduction of activity. However, the sector continues to be traced a certain direction. It is expected that they will have their influence at the beginning of this year. Will be affected by the price of iron ore, scrap, coking coal and other raw materials. Of course, there is a slowdown and decline, and a certain consistency of quotations. However, this rate is very low. The balance of production and consumption still broken. The lack of demand and oversupply will remain permanently influencing factor on the market. Because still possible to decrease at the beginning of the year.

Turkish market at the end of the year continued to watch the conclusion of large individual transactions. As for the cost, the pre-Christmas prices were perceived as the main level. In East Asian countries, mainly influencing factor is the confrontation between scrap and billet. Apparently, the whole of January there will be a contradictory impact directions. The Australian Department of Industry, Science and Technology assessed the situation in the iron ore sector. According to him, turns — naval supplies in particular — will grow by 1.8% in the previous year. The volume will be about 1.4 billion. Tons.

In the end, the cost of sheet metal produced in China went up sharply. In just a few weeks before the end of the year the rise in price has reached more than 20 USD / ton. Export quotations of Chinese enterprises in the flat rolled uncoated sector increased. But we can not rely on the end of the recession. Only then will the true test of the upward direction. The holidays are over, so that the market will once again be in full participants. Changes for the better should be the fundamental, it is also not observed. In Russia, the year ended with a weak national currency and reduction in basic macroeconomic indicators. sheet metal sector in the domestic market has shown decline in December. In January, this trend is likely to last.

Consumption of flats in December remained at a low level. The fall of the value of production was observed up to the last days of the past year. If the weakening RUBprodlitsya, steelmakers were forced to raise quotes. And this despite the fact that the economic situation remains unfavorable.

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