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Will safeguard duties imposed if the Vietnamese authorities

25 January 2016

In the last days of 2015 the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam investigation was launched. It was initiated in connection with the claims of four companies. Complaints relating to import billets and bars. Victims require protective purpose tax. It should address the semi-finished products and be 45%. At the same time, not all manufacturers agree with the need to introduce fees. At the head of disgruntled companies «SSE» and «Pomina», opposed to satisfy claims. Metallurgists of the country unable to provide the necessary amount of the national market of billets. Restricting imports will affect the growth of the cost. Accordingly, the affected businesses, procuring semi-finished products. And such companies in the camp of the majority.

Get at least the company Vietnam Germany Steel. It owns rolling mills with an annual production capacity of 350 000 tons. Harvesting consumes about 85% of the costs for rebar. If fees are introduced, manufacturers will be considerable damage. The Vietnam Association of Iron and Steel has provided for the 2015 data. The country had imported about 1.8 mln. Tons of billets. This figure is higher than the results in 2014 almost 3 times. Manufacturers rolled back mention of 2008−2009. During this period, imports amounted to 2.4 million pieces. Tons / year. However, this number does not prevent the development of the domestic steel industry.

Vietnam Steel Association released data on foreign trade of steel products in 2015. According to them, be available from overseas production reached 15.5 million. Tons of steel. As already mentioned, the volume of the preform was 1.8 mln. Tons. Ready hire reached 13.7 million. Tons. This figure is higher than the results of 2014 by 23%. At the same time the Vietnamese manufacturers have taken about 2.8 mln. Tons of production to other countries. The results exceeded last year's figures less than 3%.

VSAotmechaet that more than 8.4 million. Tonnes of rolled products produced from the PRC. This amount is more than 60% of total imports. Vietnamese consumers imports cost more than in 3.7 billion. USD. Regarding the 2014 shipment growth of Chinese products was 13.6% in value. In terms of tonnage the increase reached 57%. And most of the purchased blanks in 2015 came from China. Also supply the Vietnamese market watches from Japan, Taiwan, Korea. In general, the amount of rolling reached 35%. The remaining suppliers have delivered to the Vietnamese market for less than 5% of hire.

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