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In the US, reduced steel smelting

27 December 2015

AISI published on November smelting steel data. In the past seven days, the production volume reached 1.349 million. Metric tons. Compared with the same period of 2014 result deteriorated by 19.9%. US production capacity on average loaded by 62.2%. Since 2009 is the lowest figure. Last year, it stood at 77.2% in late November. Even by mid-month in 2015 it reached the level of 65% load. Apparently, a sharp decline was due to stop Granite City Works. This steel plant owned US Steel Corporation.

During the period of US manufacturers 11mesyachny smelted about 73,260,000. Tons of steel. This figure compared with November last year, the data below 8.7%. The average capacity utilization reached 71.7%. In 2014, the result was 77.8% in 11 months. According to representatives of AISI current situation was created against the background of imported volumes. The Customs Service has provided its own data. In accordance therewith import amount reached 2.71 Mill. T. Regarding the September 2015 result is higher by 5.4%. Volumes delivered finished steel. Growth was 1.4% on the previous period. Especially increased imports of rebar. His number of providers compared to September have increased by almost half. Also affected the growth of sheets coated with color, except zinc, beams, wire rod and hot rolled coils.

When comparing the results of 2015 and 2014 the difference is palpable. In the autumn of last year the volume of imports to the United States made a sharp jump. As a result of the October 2014 performance exceeded the results of the current 32.7%. In general, foreign shipments of 10mesyachny period reached the level of 30,740,000. Tons of steel. In 2014, this result was higher by 8.4%. Most impressive was the fall of import semi-finished products. It reached 2.43 million. Tons. On the second decline in imports of oil and gas pipes. Output fell by 1.1 mln. Tons or more. But the supply of large diameter pipes and fittings increased by 569 000 tonnes and 519 000 tonnes respectively.

Mexican and Russian imports for the 10 months of this year showed the greatest reduction. Compared to the year 2014 volumes fell by 680 000 tonnes and 1.97 million. Tons respectively. Deliveries of the Turkish steel increased almost 590 000 tonnes. The volume of Brazilian steel products introduced in the United States, has reached more than 460 000 tonnes. And the anti-dumping investigation with respect to galvanized steel and rolls do not give a particularly significant results.

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