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"Ileko" develops metal service center

14 December 2015

Chelyabinsk company «Ileko» is engaged in the development of metal service center. According to A. Belobrova, CEO of the company, it will be focused on the processing of stainless steel and special steels. Now the center is able to offer customers products and production of high-quality billets, sheet metal. The company manufactures cutting hydroabrasive rolled through CNC machine tools. It is also used in the b-vertical, horizontal band saws Kasto, VBS. Used and CNC hydraulic guillotine, and a laser KL CNC. At the exhibition «Metal-Expo» held in November, the company demonstrated the new features. procedure for processing of products by the press jig breakdown was provided.

Today «Ileko» is able to offer the consumer more than one supply of stainless steel. We are talking about the production of semi-finished products. For a large number of engineering companies «Ileko» produces and delivers the workpiece. Among the products the plate, dies and molds of medium complexity and the workpiece to them. Using the jig punch presses, the company is able to produce standard perforated sheets. On the basis of tolling can not exclude the development of, and other products. The company and machining. Processing of parts produced on CNC machines according to the drawings. Used lathe, vertical milling equipment. Also used machining centers and automatic longitudinal turning.

The company permanently develops new products. Management believes that the prospect for «Ileko» is a collaboration with the enterprises of the military-industrial complex. Also take into account the oil and gas and engineering sectors, representatives of medium-sized businesses. National defense enterprises are high-precision products. It is reliable and passes preliminary inspection and control on the test bench.

Develop a strategy allows the company to maintain a certain stability. We are talking about the Russian stainless steel market. In this global market stainless steel specialists continue to make pessimistic forecasts. «Ileko» also holds the position achieved in 2014. This applies to cash, and trade turnovers. Has increased the volume of rolled products supplied to processing. Of the total amount of supplied it reached 35%.

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