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"Norilsk Nickel" will not develop Bugdainskoye

4 October 2015

According to Andrei Bugrov, vice-president of «Norilsk Nickel», the corporation has suspended plans for Bugdainsky field. The development of the mine in the Trans-Baikal region, the source ores, decided to postpone. The situation on the metals market, made their adjustments. Cost elements deposits declined significantly. This applies especially to molybdenum, base metal Bugdainsky mine.

In Europe Bugdainskoye one of the most important on the deposits of molybdenum. As of May 2007, to his credit 281.5 thous. Tons of molybdenum and 388.3 million. Tons of ore. The discovery took place in 1952 during the shooting metallometric zone. The merit belongs transbaikalian geophysical expedition. Detailed reconnoitering deposits accounted for 1953−1959gg. Geologists Chita Geological Survey produced molybdenum inventory count. However, the complex was rated associated components. Refining volumes contained in the ore of rare metals continued until 1960 additional exploration of the northern area of ​​the field was carried out during this period. Field Operation began in 1991 Argun Mining and Chemical Combine. For 5 years of pilot plant work force 648,000 tons of ore were produced, 734 tons of molybdenum.

Now, however, «Norilsk Nickel» intends to focus on Bystrinsky GOK. Planned consideration of the expansion of the infrastructure. It is expected that this process — cyclical. By the beginning of work on a copper project may open the door for further development of Trans-Baikal economy.

This year, the Russian company has expanded the volume of purchased self-propelled equipment. It is intended for mining activities in the Polar region. Originally it planned to buy 22 pieces of equipment. As a result of adjustments made the number increased to 50. The 27 units are already defined in the enterprise. Among them mine dump trucks, a variety of drilling rigs, load-haul-machine and ancillary equipment. Most of the equipment is delivered to the mines «Komsomolsky», «Polar», «Kayerkansky», «Mayak», «Taimyr». In general, it is 41 units. Other equipment is auxiliary. The cost of the acquired technology exceeds 2 billion. RUB.

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