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"DSS" continues to expand

20 October 2015

Metallurgical Enterprise «DSS» is a major producer of stainless steel profiled in the CIS. In Ukraine, the factory occupies a leading position in the industry. At the same time, the company is actively expanding its presence in Russia, America, Europe and Asia. Cooperation with distributors and partners is held in 15 countries.

The September figures electro «DSS» of the plant exceed the August results. Growth sostavil15,7%. In September, the company has passed the 21,442 tons of steel. Volumes of production of finished steel reached the level of 11,977 tonnes. Compared with the August decline rates observed at the level of 13.3%. Overall, it was made in the amount of 509 million. 813 thousand. UAH in September marketable products. Compared with August, the total value decreased by 14.3%. For 9mesyachny period «Dneprospetstal» developed 188,213 tons of steel. Compared with the same period last year the result was down 11.7%. Volumes produced rolled totaled 120,209 tons. This figure is 11.8% lower than the result in 2014. In monetary terms, production output totaled 5,180,595 thousand. UAH. Relatively to the same period last year growth reached 41.5%.

The Customs Service of Ukraine has published recent statistics. During the first 9 months of the export was sent to 1 million. 81 th. 346 tons of ferrous metal scrap. Compared to same period last year growth reached 54.3%. In monetary terms, the export of scrap metal provided income at 260 million. 201 thousand. USD. This figure is 17% higher than the result in 2014. The main export destinations — Turkey and Moldova. Accordingly, the share of exports was 80% and 19% in these areas. As for imports, its volume dropped by half over the period 9mesyachny. The main supplier — Turkey. Deliveries in monetary terms amount to 94.15%. In Moldova, accounting for 3.52%. In general, Ukraine has been imported about 2,000 tons of scrap metal.

Last year, the volume of export of ferrous scrap totaled 936.937 thousand tons. Their value reached 295.191 million. USD. In 2013, the figures reached 255.272 thousand. Tons worth 79,648 USD. What is interesting is that the Ukrainian enterprises are constantly mention difficulties with domestic supplies. And do not want to pay a competitive price. As a result — reduction in the supply of scrap to steel mills by 24% in 2014 relative to 2013. Volumes of supplies of last year reached 3,370 mln. Tons. In 2015, there is a further reduction in supplies.

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