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Stainless steel, AISI rental

12 August 2015

Stainless steel is an alloy complexly. Accordingly, the microstructure it can be different. Alloying elements of an alloy — a nickel, molybdenum, chromium, titanium, niobium, manganese. They influence the mechanical properties of the alloy resistance to aggressive environments. Stainless steel according to specifications is divided into two main categories. The first consists of non-magnetic — austenitic — nickel-chromium steel. The second includes a magnetic ferritic steels. They carbon and chromium content is low enough.

Austenitic stainless steel is perfectly weldable. Because it is a suitable material for the manufacture of medical, chemical and heat exchange equipment. Steel AISI 304 good resistance to low temperatures, has high ductility properties. Rental AISI 321 particularly resistant to solutions of salts and alkalis, acids. It has high heat resistance. Rental AISI 310 zharostoek, it is recommended to use at temperature 1000 ° C AISI 316 is resistant to sea water, acetic acid and chloride environment. In AISI 201 is no threshold of cold brittleness. This rental is used at low — to cryogenic — temperatures.

Ferritic steels perfectly amenable to deformation. They can be used in contact with food at various stages of processing. Using such steel vessels operating under pressure. Also, they are used in cooling systems and heating equipment. Rental AISI 409 is sufficiently resistant to combustion products and gases. AISI 430 has a high resistance to corrosion in sulfur-containing environments.

Also, the demand for steel in addition to physical and chemical properties determine the appearance. Sheet surface of stainless steel can be matte, polished, mirror, and decorative grooved. Mirror surface includes a variety of frosted mirrors, super-mirror and mirror. Decorative surface may be embossed with «linen» and «leather». The corrugated surface assumes a convex geometric pattern.

Stainless steel is widely used in food, chemical industry, transport engineering, pulp and paper industry. It is used for the production of tanks and vessels, ducts and shop equipment, shipping containers.

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