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KAZ Minerals demonstrates high rates

4 August 2015

KAZ Minerals Company has evaluated its operations for the six-month period 2015. Volumes issued copper cathode reached 37,000 tons. The achieved production rates assume implementation of the plan by the end of this year. It provides for the production of 80−85 million tons. The release of copper concentrate reached 43,000 tons. During this period, 2.23 million. Tons of raw material was obtained in Bozymchak careers and fields of East Kazakhstan. The average amount of said copper ore content was 2.24%.

For the period January-June, the company achieved good results for the production of silver and zinc as the by-products. The volume of the resulting zinc concentrate were 50 000 tonnes. The percentage of zinc contained in the raw material Artemyevsky mine, was higher than envisaged. In the first half of processed at the Nikolaev factory ore it contained a large proportion of zinc than expected. For 6mesyachny period was produced 1.66 million. Oz granulated silver. At the same time its contents in the raw materials and Irtysh Artemyevsky deposits exceeded expectations. Also among the positive factors — higher ratio of silver extraction than expected. Here and additional feedstock with an unfinished production. According to the results of the first 6 months, we can assume that the annual plan for zinc concentrate and silver reached the upper limit. The volume of production will amount to 90−95 million tonnes and 2.2−2.5 mln. Oz respectively.

Preparations for mining operations at the mine Boschekul held since the last days of May. the main quarry is ready for development. According to the established plan, mining of sulfide ore IIIkvartale starts in 2015. At Aktogay started production of oxidized material. Recycle it is planned by electrolysis, heap leaching and extraction liquid. By the end of June for heap leaching carried unloaded 251,000 tons of ore. The content of copper in it is 0.8 tons.

Oleg Novachuk, Chairman of the Board, expressed his satisfaction with the stable results. According to him KAZ Minerals is going to achieve the planned results in the development of copper cathode. silver and zinc production also showed excellent performance. Preparatory work on the Aktogay and Bozshakol will allow to put into operation in the processing capacity of the year IVkvartale.

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