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stainless steel producers reduce surcharges

27 April 2015

European leaders, stainless steel producers intend to reduce payments for their goods in April 2015. This fact has already announced the company Outokumpu, Acciai Speciali Terni and Aperam. Their example is taken up by other representatives of the industry. In particular, the companies ThyssenKrupp and Acerinox. In April, Outokumpu has reduced the level of surcharges on stainless steel 304 4 EURO / tonne as compared to March 2015. After edits surcharges size of around 1 320 EURO / ton, while in March the price reached the level of 1324 EURO / tonne. Will be reduced and surcharges for stainless steel grade 316. The cost of one ton of make 1897 EURO, whereas previously surcharge reached 1923 EURO / tonne. Thus, the difference will be 26 USD. As for the alloy grade 430, then an additional fee will increase by 8 EURO / tonne to mark 466 EURO / tonne.

Aperam company plans the maximum reduction in surcharges in April 2015 in a series of flat products in 1277 reached 304. Surcharges EURO / ton from 1283 EURO / tonne. The difference is 6 EUROza ton. Also reduce the margin on the brand alloy 316. If the initial price in March reached 1844 EURO / ton, now it will be 1835 EURO / tonne. The difference — 9 EURO / tonne. Surcharge for the brand increased by 6 430 EURO / ton, to the level of 447 EURO / tonne.

The company Acciai Speciali Terni planned reduction in subsidies to 304 brand of flat products to the level of 1320 EURO / tonne. The difference was 2 EURO / tonne. Surcharges for 316 grade will decrease to a level of 1 903 EURO / ton from early 1920 EURO / tonne. The difference was 17 EURO / ton.

In the United States continues to decrease the cost of flat steel. China's market remains at the same level as not justified hopes of improving demand. Moreover, the prices went down. Excess capacity is a significant problem. At their expense there is excess supply in the economy when it is anti-growth. As a result of increasing volumes of imported steel products.

No matter where we are and with the cost of steel in Japan. Especially when you consider the increase in stocks and the fall in activity. The use of products has been declining for 5 consecutive months. Exported volumes are also reduced. Taiwanese industrial companies plan to reduce internal costs for deliveries in April and May at least 5.2%.

Western Europe showed a decline of purchasing activity during the last month. Steel consumption in Poland over the last month remained within reasonable limits. Imports also occupies a significant part of the market.

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