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UGMK launched the first mine complex Safyanovskaya

9 February 2015

In the middle of January 2015 we started operation of the first start-up complex Safyanovskaya field. January 12 the first batch of ore were produced, extracted underground mine «Safyanovskaya copper.» Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company started its construction back in 2010. It is expected that before the end of 2015 the mine will provide the 140 000 tonnes of raw copper. Complete the design capacity of 500 000 tons of ore per year, to be achieved in 2017. Reserves of copper ore deposit Safyanovskaya the order of 11 million. Tons. Such amounts ensure production of raw materials for at least 25 years. Investment in the project over 4 years amounted to about 3 billion. RUB.

Igor Tsvetkov, director of «Safyanovskaya copper», says 5letny term mine construction for this kind of work is relatively small. It is important, and construction through self-financing. Without the involvement of third-party tools have been created completely new production. The first complex is the underground workings, the length of which exceeds 14 km. This allows the extraction of copper raw materials in the deep horizons of the deposit. Generation have all the necessary communications. This includes the power supply, drainage, compressed air and other. To be able to service underground utilities have been designed surface complex building.

Commissioning of the complex will be carried out using high-performance self-propelled equipment. It includes LHD equipment and dump MoAZ and Atlas Copco, and Boomer rigs Sandvik. The first extraction chambers, provided production of the starting ore Party, was launched in late 2014. In the development of the deep horizons of the mine will apply advanced deposits schemes of opening a motor bias, vozduhovydayuschey galleries and ventilation barrel pressurizing. Testing of ore bodies will be made by means of sublevel-chamber system development.

Analysts predict the existence of a surplus of copper in the new year. It will be about 58,000 tons. Previous forecasts anticipated a surplus of copper at 158 000 tonnes. In 2016, the number of excess copper will reach 159,000 tons, whereas the previous forecast had promised 182,000 tons of surplus. Accordingly, it will decrease the cost of the metal. According to analysts of Chilean copper Cochilco costs in the current year will fall to 2,95−3 USD / lb. Effect of excess red metal on its cost will be observed during the period 2hletnego.

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