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Aerospace prefers nickel alloys

20 January 2015

As stated by representatives of the consulting company «RNCOS», for a minimum period 20letnego sector aerospace changes are expected. That he will be the leader-consumer high-temperature alloys, the main component of which is nickel. To date, the global demand for nickel in the nickel industry continues to grow. This trend is not surprising, given the increase in stainless steel output volumes. Stainless steel is used in virtually all industrial sectors, respectively, growing and consumption of nickel.

According to data provided by «by RNCOS» in the «Global Nickel Market Review 2016», has experienced rapid growth in the aerospace and aviation industry. the most important component is heat-resistant nickel alloys with a basis for these industries. They are able to resist fatigue and retain strength at elevated temperature. In addition, such alloys have strength lightweight and aesthetically pleasing appearance. This makes them very popular in various industries, in addition to aviation and aerospace.

Experts «RNCOS» say that nickel alloys in the aerospace industry are widely used in aircraft engines. They are used for the manufacture of special components form. It is also expected growth in demand in respect of heat-resistant alloys of cobalt and iron-nickel. They very successfully resist corrosion and high temperatures. On the part of the aerospace industry there is almost 50% of the consumption of the total volume produced super-alloys. The development of the sector opens up excellent prospects for producers of nickel alloys. As analysts predict, for 2014−2016gg. nickel consumption will increase by 9%.

In general, according to the company «Glencore» expectations, by 2019 global demand for nickel will grow by 4.5%. Analysts expect the company that in the new year at a ratio of an offer, the demand for nickel will remain a certain balance. According to the «World Bureau of Metal Statistics» in 2014 for the period 9mesyachny nickel surplus reached the level of 133,000 tonnes. At the same time consumption was observed in the volume of 1,285.4 thous. Tons, while production totaled 1418.8 thous. Tons. The average value of the metal in 2014 amounted to 18.044 thousand. USD / ton.

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