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Manufacturers expect an increase in demand for high-grade aluminum alloys

22 December 2014

Staff of the Chinese aluminum producer, the company «Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co», predicted growth in demand for aluminum alloys upscale. Generally, these alloys are used in the aerospace, transportation and railway fields. Today, the company is busy building an industrial park for the production of materials for the aircraft. It is expected that the park will enjoy the large aircraft manufacturers. Among them are leading companies in the industry, Airbus and Boeing. Company «Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co» manufactures a full range of aluminum products. In this chain of aluminum sheets and profiles, foil, electrolytic aluminum. Basically the company is focused on the production of construction and industrial materials, parts and precision aluminum body.

The company's plans include implementation of multi-function high-precision aluminum project in Longkou. Its annual capacity is expected to be 40 thousand. Tonnes. Implementation will last for 3 years, and the investment of the order of 125.340 mln. USD. In the future, China may well increase the annual amount of produced primary aluminum. On this opportunity to influence the construction of new production facilities in the provinces, possessing impressive assets.

Annual demand for aluminum China, the largest consumer and producer in the industry, during 2011−2015. increases by an average of 8.7% -9%. The main «engines of progress» gaining the light metal consumption in China — transport and construction sectors. The energy sector is also making a considerable contribution to the development. In 2015, about 10 million. Tons of metal will be spent on construction of wind and solar sources of inexpensive energy.

The American company «Bonnel Aluminium» plans to increase capacity in the field of anodizing of aluminum profiles for the construction sector. Investments to modernize the line anodizing «Carthage» the plant, in the order of 5 million. USD. Completion of the project will be in the second quarter of 2015. This production capacity will increase by 35%. At the same time another positive aspect of modernization would be better customer service as expects Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ira Indres.

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