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As metallurgists to celebrate New Year?

24 December 2014

Steelmakers JSC «Ural Steel» no difficulties in dealing with the question «How to celebrate New Year.» Since early December, the plant workers have begun construction of the New Year of the complex — ice town on the Square. Metallurgists. On the 20th of last month the numbers in 2014 for children of metallurgists began theatrical New Year's. Here and dance around the Christmas tree shining with lights and fabulous performance, and sweets. Not ignored and labor veterans — the Palace of Culture pleased their festive program.

At metallurgists profession complex, often have to meet holidays in the working environment. For its employees, «Ural Steel» organized congratulations «directly from space.» December 31 to anadromous combine will sound congratulations to those who hold a New Year's Eve in the change. And, of course, not without solemn meeting, which will sum up the year.

I would like, in turn, Happy New Year, not only workers «Ural Steel», but all the world's steelmakers. Conquerors of the fire element, let the coming year will be successful and happy for you, creative and stable!

We wish you a New Year

All the pleasures of the world,

Health one hundred years into the future

And you and your children.

Let joy in the coming year

You will be wonderful gift,

And tears, boredom and trouble to leave a better old.

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