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Vyksa Steel Works has provided the results

18 November 2014

For the period January-September of this year, Vyksa Steel Works has improved its production performance, releasing 1.3 mln. Tons of pipes, exceeding the results of the same period in 2013 by 10%. At the same time its pipe production of large diameter has been increased by 20%, which amounted to 740 000 tonnes. The issue of railway wheels for the nine-month period decreased by 36% compared to last year's performance period, amounting to 343 000 units of products. Release steel rolled plates grew by 12% relative to the performance of the previous year, which amounted to 464 000 tonnes.

According to Sergei Filippov, managing director of the plant, the main factor in the growth of production of pipes, was an increase in volumes after modernization of the enterprise equipment, and supply growth, designed to UMC partners. The products are available for the «Southern Corridor» projects, «Power of Siberia», «Bovanenkovo-Ukhta» deposit them. Filanovsky, as well as for the construction of the underwater part of the «South Stream». As to the issue of the wheel, then its decline has affected the reduction of purchases by consumers — it is connected with the production of new cars, currently do not require repair.

It is enough to have successfully passed the test and new technological equipment designed for use on large diameter pipe anti-corrosion external coating. Start the test involves applying to the pipe diameter of 1020 mm and 12 mm wall thickness of the outer three-layer anticorrosion coating. According to estimates of presumptive begin its work the new line will be able in the first quarter of next year in the case of the success of the necessary tests and obtain the certificate. In this project the production capacity will be about 750 m2 / hour. According to the plant manager, the new line will allow increasing the volume and improving the quality of pipe products coated, will broaden the assortment of goods that best meet the needs of domestic oil and gas producer and responding with all the necessary international standards.

The project for the reconstruction of the first-line coating of large diameter pipes was launched in late August 2014, as one of the priority areas; while work was carried out to increase the area of ​​anti-corrosion coating plant in order to ensure an extended front of shipment of products obtained. Investments in the project amounted to more than 2 billion. RUB.

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