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"Karabashmed" modernizes production

24 November 2014

Manufacturing Plant «Karabashmed», part of the RCC, concluded an agreement with the Russian company, which produces metallurgical machinery, the supply of the complex to the casting of blister copper. Under the agreement, the complex will be put in the steel mill plant in the second half of next year. The plant is focused on getting the blister copper from the secondary smelting process tailings and minerals. Construction of a new complex for the casting of copper is carried out in the framework of improvement of chemical-metallurgical plant and the replacement of the oven compartment. Last year, in order to improve the process of separation of the slag and molten matte introduced into operation a rotary holding furnace, with the addition to the zoom ratio of metallurgical extraction have changed for the better environmental conditions and working conditions.

Who made the construction work on the commissioning of the 2nd sulfuric acid plant based on the utilization of metallurgical gases, with an annual production capacity of copper smelting complex is projected to increase by up to 120 000 tons of blister copper. Also, the new complex will make it possible to automate and mechanize the bottling process of blister copper within increasing volumes of RMK production. New equipment involves in the process of dispensing a higher security environment — will provide aspiration chamber sealing process, while excluding gas emissions of metallurgical waste and improving working conditions, respectively.

The project to build a complex for bottling of copper designed for «Karabashmed» in accordance with the technical requirements and operating conditions of production. Ensuring the production of new equipment have a positive impact on the growth of volumes of processing of own raw materials RMK — mainly copper concentrate Mikheevsky Mining, which started at the end of last year, the annual production capacity is 270 000 tonnes. The company has used technology developed in Denmark, Finland, Australia, Sweden, Italy, China and other countries, and the list of developers increases as the countries of the program of modernization. Also, specialists of the company on a permanent basis are carried out monitoring studies of the domestic market and producers search for high-quality modern equipment.

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