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"Rusal" invested in the modernization of SAZ

16 July 2014

The company «Rusal» is actively engaged in the modernization of the Sayanogorsk aluminum smelter plant, hoping to achieve the ultimate 100% of output and aluminum alloys with high added value. The level of investment will amount to 1 billion. RUB, three planned project to improve foundry SAZ company will invest more than 32 mln. USD. According to preliminary calculations, the end of the work will be in the end of this year. The project to improve the casting machine at SAZ started last year, focusing on the growth of the market of aluminum flat bars. The upgrade includes the installation of the casting machine, saws for cutting bars and 2 rotary mixers.

Currently installed line cutting, conducted commissioning and test run, following which it can be stated that the amount of waste with the new blade has decreased six times. Initially the capacity after the completion of the modernization will be 120 thousand tons of ingots, widely used in the automotive industry and other areas. Completion will be in November 2014, while the project has invested about 22.8 million. USD.

At the Kharkov Aviation Plant also works on improving the work of the foundry complex, including the installation of filtration, degassing systems, integration into the hydrodynamic mixers and magnetic stirrers, upgrading the cooling system of molds and machines for packaging products. The project started with May of this year, the completion of works is planned for December, 2014. Investments are estimated at 5 million. USD, annual production capacity of manufacturing alloys will be about 84 000 tonnes.

Billet market is gaining momentum, especially in demand in these products in the automotive and construction sectors. Due to create the conditions «Rusal» has started implementation of the project, including the purchase of rigs for units producing top-selling products diameter. This project involves the purchase of equipment for the treatment of raw materials in the mixers and installation of ultrasonic testing of ingots control. The cost of project works is 5.1 million. USD, the end will be in July 2014.

Thanks to the measures taken for the period in the division are not included inefficient enterprises, in addition to modernization of the equipment for the purpose of «Rusal» is melting to increase to 40%, reducing energy use, reducing costs.

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