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"Evraz" opens up the mass production of reinforcement

30 June 2014

Kazakhstan mill «Caspian Steel» in Kostanay, owned by the company «Evraz» has started mass production of valves, the starting batch of products already shipped to customers. The annual design production capacity of 450 thousand tons of rebar, the company is now focused on the issue of A500S reinforcement diameter 14−18−25 mm, and A3, made of steel M25G2S, diameter 18−25 mm. The company plans to release the A500 (SP) certified thermostrengthened unique valve that will allow metal savings of up to 25% of the total employed in construction, quantity. «Caspian Steel» is equipped with a certified laboratory, all necessary quality control systems, and a line for packaging products.

According to the administrative board of the company development «Caspian Steel» is of high importance for Kazakhstan, which is considered the fastest growing market, along with Central Asia. Production on such a scale would not only ensure the needs of customers, but will also become a weighty support for government projects aimed at replacing imports.

The Swedish company SSAB is also of the capacity expansion policy, as demonstrated by announcing the impending increase in production volumes Montpellier plant. At the moment, the matter involved the engineering structure with a view to producing the necessary technical calculations for the expansion of production. The main purpose of the planned changes is the ability to increase the melting temperature, molding and other processes. Now, with a melting capacity of 400 thousand tons of the plant shows the annual production figures of 800 thousand. Tonnes. The expansion will increase the annual output to 2.1 million tons of products. The company also expects to increase its output of rolled plates and heat-treated plate.

Montpellier plant came under the custody and control of SSAB in 2008, when the company acquired the former «IPSCO Inc». Having spent more than 11 million. USD for the construction of a research plant in 2010, the company has provided space engineers specialists. As a result, production has about 600 workers. The planned expansion will provide additional jobs, which to the sphere of activity, the plant will develop special equipment and infrastructure needs.

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