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"Rusal" and "FosAgro": the contract is concluded

11 February 2014

As reported by Open Joint Stock Company «FosAgro» between «Rusal» and JSC «Cherepovets FosAgro» signed contracts involving the supply of aluminum fluoride, as well as raw materials for its manufacture. Planned terms of cooperation — until 2034. The first contract stipulates the supply of aluminum fluoride produced by JSC «Cherepovets FosAgro» Company «Rusal» to the end of 2034. According to preliminary estimates of contract costs more than 20 billion rubles.

The second contract stipulates the supply of aluminum hydroxide used for the manufacture of aluminum fluoride, which takes on the JSC «RUSAL TH On To» to JSC «Cherepovets FosAgro» delivery period shall be defined before the end of 2034. The cost of this contract will be approximately about 6.5 billion rubles. Both agreements were reviewed and approved by the shareholders of OJSC «Cherepovets FosAgro» at an extraordinary meeting.

The initial cooperation agreement, stipulating the continuation of the modernization of «FosAgro Cherepovets», as well as aluminum supply growth fluoride companies «Rusal» on the 23 th. Tons (2012) up to 35 ths. Tons (2016), was signed in 2012, February. The investments in the increase in the production of aluminum fluoride in the 12 th. Tons in the period 2012−2015. company «FosAgro Cherepovets», estimated at 2.2 billion rubles. Investment component of aluminum fluoride was put into the supply value, and this value can be determined by a special formula.

The agreement is very beneficial for the company «FosAgro» as is guaranteed to provide long-term product sales and makes it possible to finance the expansion of production capacities, while ensuring also the return on investment.

Meanwhile, analysts predict not get tired of aluminum deficit in 2014. According to the company «Barclays» metal shortage in the world market will be about 1.1 million tons, while in 2013 the deficit was reduced by 51% and amounted to 726 thousand. Tonnes. However, the Chinese market can provide an overproduction of 250 thousand tons, which is up to other manufacturers, the total metal deficit of 1.3 million tonnes. The forecast for 2015 by the same company as disappointing — 1.1 million tons. It is also estimated «Barclays» aluminum average annual value on the London Metal Exchange this year will be 1850 US dollars per ton, and the price will increase throughout the year, so that if in the first quarter, it will amount to $ 1,750, then the fourth cost will be $ 1950 per ton.

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