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Brass superstition on the eve of the session

4 February 2014

Strategic importance of copper and the widespread use of non-ferrous metal industry is nothing compared to the number of rituals that are associated with a unique material. And they believe in the signs of copper not only gray-haired wizards, but also the most advanced students of educational institutions, which in the future should be the hope and future of modern science. Especially thrive superstition before delivery session. After all, despite the fact that the knowledge base to which the student is the exam is very important, but the element of luck in this case, too, can not be discounted.

One of the most common beliefs in this area is now considered a superstition associated with the copper coin. Especially this ritual thrives in Azov State Technical University. After the appearance in the courtyard of the university chapel, dedicated to Martyr Tatiana considered the patroness of students, this building became the center of worship and rites preparatory session. Many students believe ate on a bed before the chapel before the beginning of session examinations to bury the copper coin, all the tests and exams is required to succeed. It is important to note that the sacred coin-assistant have to be copper. After all, the non-ferrous metal has long been considered a symbol of the sun, heat, and is designed to carry out the energy flows around man. Moreover, conducting the rite does not entail a significant cash expenditures, as bury banknote should be only for the time of delivery exam testing. After successful completion of all the tests you can dig out a coin and re-used for other purposes.

Teachers only smile in response to such signs, popular among students. Faculty confident that their skills and talents, you must not be buried in the ground, but rather pull on the surface of reinforced classes. But such skepticism did not affect the popularity of the ritual among students. Copper coins buried on the eve of the sessions more intense, and exam preparation necessarily involves not only a repetition of the material, but also the carrying out of the sacred rites. A small copper coin may not add knowledge to the students of the head, but be sure to attract good luck to the student, which will pull the happiest ticket.

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