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"Electrozink" installed a new cooling tower

26 January 2014

As reported by the news agency «REGNUM informs», according to information provided by the press service of the North Ossetian «Electrozink» plant, steel plant is fully completed set a series of works aimed at compliance with environmental standards, maintaining environmental security in the region, as well as for compliance with environmental legislation. New Cooling Tower Company was presented to government authorities of North Ossetia-Alania January 17, 2014.

This created a new cooling tower for cooling the spent electrolyte through the air with the latest global technologies, in test mode, it was tested in September last year, in the electrolyte workshop of JSC «Electrozink». In accordance with the commitments undertaken by the leadership of the plant at full capacity cooling tower came to the end of 2013

The press service of «Electrozink» say that this project can be considered unique not only for the plant, and even the country, but also for the North Caucasus as a whole, and there are several reasons. The tower is designed in accordance with the latest technological developments, it is mounted by «OUTOTEC», Finland, which is the main supplier of such equipment in many steel plants around the world. Further, this project can be safely called the most massive object «Electrozink» over the past decade — it will cost more than 500 million rubles. Finally, this project is the final stage in the strategic program aimed at preserving water resources and reducing Ossetia at least three times the size of the spillway and water intake from the river Dog and Kambileevka bar. Thus, the introduction of the facility was the final phase of a series of papers aimed at establishing appropriate standards to meet the requirements of environmental protection legislation.

Igor Khadyka, director of «Electrozink» plant, fully confident that the company, starting from 2011, decided all issues regarding their own negative impact on the atmosphere and the environment, and on commissioning of the new tower will be possible and qualitative conservation of water basins republic. I must say that companies assess their own environmental «Electrozink» as the main polluter of the atmosphere in North Ossetia.

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