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In 2014, the expected growth in demand for non-ferrous metals

7 October 2013

China in 2014 should remain the main driver of consumption of non-ferrous metals in the world. Thus, according to previously announced plans, the country's leadership on its territory has a large-scale modernization of the railway lines are planned in the near future, power grids and increase the construction budget accommodation. At the same time — according to experts — in mind depending on the local sector, non-ferrous metals from scrap deliveries from abroad, in China significantly increase the import of secondary aluminum, copper, nickel and lead.

Analysts «Beijing Antaike Information and Development Co» Research Center, the total consumption of copper in China by 5−6% may increase in the next year and reach the level of 8.6 mln. Tons. «The Chinese market operators will need to significantly increase the volume of purchases of raw materials, whose stocks have been depleted in the current year» — says the forecast consulting company representatives.

All this can lead to the fact that the price situation on the London Metal Exchange to change significantly in the early 2014. Recall that in the first nine months of this year, copper on the LME has fallen in price by 9%. metal price growth can be sustained shortage of scrap, which already observe manufacturers.

The consumption of aluminum is projected to the researchers, the next year will increase by 10% and will reach 24 million. Tons. This can occur since the termination of the work on a number of excess production capacity in China and under the pressure of increasing demand for aluminum profiles, which figures in 2013 showed a twofold increase. This dynamics experts explain the fact that the production of the «winged metal» have been actively used in the construction instead of steel beams and channels. Another factor in the growth of consumption of this segment of non-ferrous metallurgy — escalating demand by automakers, which also increase the mass fraction of aluminum in their products. Meanwhile, analysts believe that in 2014, growth in demand for the resource will not exceed the growth of its production.

Positive developments — in the opinion of experts of the market of non-ferrous metals — and expects the players lead the business. Demand for the metal is due to the increase of production and sales of new cars. «A large number of lead used in the release of the batteries, the use of which increases in proportion to the rate of development of the electric» — sums up his analysts forecast.

Also on the market is expected to increase in nickel consumption. The demand for this resource in the next year will reach 780 thousand. Tonnes, which is about 5% higher than the current year. This fact is caused by Chinese and European economic growth, as well as the recovery of the US economy. Global demand for nickel is estimated at 1 million 850 thousand tons and its production -… At the level of 1 million 970 thousand tons… Despite the preservation of the surplus radically expressed trends in the field of metallurgy, analysts little doubt in the growth of quotations of nickel.

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