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In Iran and China revealed new molybdenum deposit

10 September 2013

Experts reported the sensational news: in China and Iran discovered vast deposits of molybdenum ore.

In Iran, East Azerbaijan province, was found in the deposits of forty million tons. After a detailed field survey, it was clarified that the deposits can be much longer, somewhere around sixty-seven million tons, but the purity of the additional twenty-seven million tons will be much lower than the purity of the major deposits, namely two hundred sixty-six grams per tonne compared with five hundred thirty-nine grams per tonne.

Thanks to this discovery, an opportunity to increase the number of entering the export of mineral products in the twenty-eight per cent compared with the previous years.

It should be noted that Iran is about three percent of all reserves of minerals in the world, and besides, the country ranks among the fifteen largest countries that have and are developing a variety of deposits of mineral resources. And because of this, Iran is not only actively uses extracted and develop products for personal necessities, but quite regularly exported abroad in one hundred fifty nine different countries, among which is the ability to call Iraq, China, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates and India.

And in China, the new molybdenum deposit was discovered in the town area called Ulancha. According to preliminary calculations there is presumed to be about two and a half billion tons of molybdenum ore, in which the content of pure molybdenum metal is about half a million tonnes.

Particularly bright prospects promise a message stating that the geological structure is quite simple, and ore-bearing layer has a large capacity, which will make it possible to put into practice a low level of labor intensity, and high prospects of industrial development.

Explorers of the new field in addition to the molybdenum directly discovered as a direct manifestation of the presence of four lead-zinc ore manifestations of that in the overall assessment of all stockpiles of these metals can be estimated at about twenty thousand tons of ore, which may contain about 0.27 percent pure lead component and 2.22 percent pure zinc component.

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