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Velta has put into operation the second turn of the titanium GOK

2 August 2013

The company «Velta» (Ukraine) was produced by the launch of the second phase of construction of objects of mining and processing plant for the extraction and processing of ilmenite ores (raw material for production of titanium) Birzulovskogo field (located near the village Korobchino Kirovograd region). Construction and start-up operations were carried out at the company since the beginning of the year before and, to date, is completely finished.

Commissioning of new industrial targets implies an increase in the total number of jobs at the GOK in the quarter, while the growth of production capacity will be more than 60% (from 185 thousand. Tons to 300 thousand. Tonnes of ilmenite concentrate). According to Andrew Brodsky, occupying the post of general director of «Welt», it is planned that after the release of its full capacity GOK will cover about 2% of total production of ilmenite in the world.

Secondly GOK includes body gravity and modernized site finishing. The cost of the second stage of the GOK is estimated at 10.5 million. Dollars. The total volume of cash injections into the first and second turns GOK exceed 122 million dollars, of which 107 million dollars -… It advances to «Prominvestbank» credit lines. About a quarter of credit resources have been invested in modernization of production facilities. For the first time in the history of Ukraine at the GOK was launched technology that uses a paste thickener. Through this method we can reduce water consumption in the production and significantly reduce the volume of recycled fluid that is discharged outside the plant. This innovation for the company worth 6 million. Dollars, it will begin its work this autumn.

With the launch of the above-mentioned facilities, the company «Velta» has become the second mining company, which was built in Ukraine since independence, and became the third Ukrainian industrial complex, the estimates of commodity stocks on the international JORC system.

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