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Journalists New York Times reported on Russian titanium

9 July 2013

Journalists of one of the most influential media of the world — the American newspaper «The New York Times» — in a recent article told readers about the cooperation in the field of titanium supply two rivals in yesterday's «Cold War» — Russia and the United States. As mentioned in this material, to produce lightweight airliners Corporation «the Boeing» necessary to obtain a Russian titanium produced at the plant «VSMPO-Avisma».

According to the journalist Andrew Kramer, in the «Boeing» every third gear uses titanium, released in Russia. «But in the next few decades to purchase» winged metal «in this country should be spent more than 18 billion. Dollars. The partnership between the parties is so advanced that even today hold joint Russian-American studies of titanium alloys. In addition, a team of experienced experts in Moscow in 1,400 people develop new models of fuselages and wings. The success of titanium producers and such collaboration can significantly help the Russian aerospace industry, which is experiencing hard times. In turn, the corporation «Boeing» also benefits from this cooperation, can not be said about all the other partnerships aviagiganta programs with foreign counterparts. So, for example, flights of winged machines «Dreamliner» series have recently been suspended, whose operation experts considered unsafe since the detected problems in the batteries made in Japan «- told his audience one of the authors of the New York edition. «The use of titanium from Russia — a great strategic decision. This reduces the cost of aircraft, as well as makes it possible to significantly reduce their weight, which increases the competitiveness of production «Boeing» at the expense of a significant reduction in flights' costs — the article says.

According to Mikhail Voevodin, the co-owner of the plant «VSMPO-Avisma», produced in Russia more than a third of all titanium components for civil aircraft, «the Boeing», while there are details that are not available anywhere else in the world.

Collaboration «Boeing» and Russian experts started a long time and not limited only to trafficking in titanium. In the early 90-ies of the last century, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the corporation «Boeing» (with the support of the US government) has created in Moscow Innovation Design department. According to the Americans, this was done to support highly skilled Russian engineers aerospace and rocketry, which were at that time without work.

Today, «VSMPO-Avisma» — leading corporation for production of titanium in the world. The company provides its products not only to «Boeing», but also many other metal supplies to large consumers (since the Russian military industry, including some of the largest aircraft manufacturers a global market and ending with medical implants manufacturers).

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