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On Dergamyshskom field produced its first 100 tons of copper ore

2 July 2013

On Dergamyshskom copper-cobalt deposits recorded the first «anniversary» figure: the company mined and transported to the coffers of the mine «Haybullinsky» Enterprise «Bashkir copper» the first 100 tons of rock. However, this is only a small part of the planned for 2013 the volume of mining operations at the facility: According to preliminary calculations, from the field for the remaining months until the end of the year it is planned to export about 30 thousand tons of the precious ore.

Dergamyshskoe copper-cobalt deposit — one of the largest occurrences south of the Main Uralian Fault. According to some reports, fishing copper here was fought in ancient times (probably — in the Bronze Age). However, in the modern history of the mining industry development in the area (due to the relatively modest scale of the mine) was not carried out, and the first steps for the extraction of copper and cobalt were taken in the summer of last year.

During the first few years Dergamyshskom field production is planned to carry out research and industrially. At the end of the designated period will be prepared feasibility study (FS) of the condition of the local copper-cobalt ore, estimated volume of its reserves, after which the facility will begin full commercial production. As seen in the initial calculation, the total reserves (in the ore) are at 1.8 Mill. T. Today career dimensions are 30 m in depth and 250 meters in diameter.

According to the head Dergamyshskogo copper-cobalt deposit Alexander Pererva, different kinds of work at the facility did not stop all day. Currently produced assembling diesel power, and the first warm cabins have recently been established for the workers and a private mini-dining room. Dares and «ground» issue: currently projected path, which connects the quarry with the nearest settlement — Buribay village located 12 kilometers southwest of the mine.

Recall that Dergamyshskoe copper-cobalt deposit located in the west Khaybullinsky District Bashkortostan republic, thirteen kilometers from the district center Akyar. Besides the base metal — copper rich local earth cobalt, nickel, gold, silver and platinum group elements.

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