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Analysts believe that zinc will rise in price

5 June 2013

The price of zinc — say market analysts — will slowly but surely move to a higher range. In particular, specialists of the largest international market research agency «Research and Markets» (Ireland, Dublin) believe that the average value of the metal annually (over the next five years) increased by 4.4%. Thus, by 2018 the average market share prices will rise nearly a quarter (relative to its current quotes).

His vision of the zinc market prospects, experts «Research and Markets» reflected in the recently published report of the Agency, in which the analysts have made a detailed forecast of the industry in the period from 2013 to 2018. There are specialists for market research is an analysis of the current situation in the sector and show a list of pending events that have an impact on the dynamics of production and sales levels for the zinc industry operators. «The key factors in the development of the industry trends in the coming years will be increased interest in galvanized materials from construction companies, as well as the recovery in the automotive industry, which uses a zinc-based alloys» — the report says. «However, metal producers are expected not only positive news. They will have to face higher energy tariffs, with the possible revision of the terms of cooperation in matters of supply of raw materials, with the need to optimize production. These and certain other factors serve as inhibitors of the dynamic progress in the sector «- sums up its forecast for the representatives of» Research and Markets «.

Meanwhile, the current situation on the market for zinc metal prices confirms the desire to take the higher lines. This (according to traders) shows significant growth in demand for resources from Asian consumers and more modest than before, zinc cash offer for spot transactions.

The current value of the metal on the LME for deliveries in December ranges between 2040−2115 US dollars, three-month contracts are estimated in 1943 USD per ton of metal, cash and zinc traded at $ 1912 per 1000 kg.

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