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Russia develops the trade of stainless steel with foreign counterparts

8 May 2013

Russia develops the trade of stainless steel with foreign companies: the volume of transactions of local indicators of market operators with external contractors for these products for the first quarter of 2013 increased both in relation to imports, and exports.

In particular, during the period from January to the end of March this year, foreign buyers of Russian stainless steel was taken out of the country to 5.4 thousand. Tons of metal. This 177% increase in exports of stainless steel produced by Russian steel companies over the same time period last year. At the same time (but have a much smaller proportion) increased volumes of imports of stainless steel metal in the country. In the I quarter of 2013 on the territory of the Russian Federation were imported 57.3 thousand. Tons of stainless steel of foreign production, which is 12.3% more than last year's figures for the same period. The analysts metallurgical market note that these results are a new record for Russia, which today is imported stainless steel is 2.5 times more than four years ago.

As for the export of stainless steel, the experts point out that buyers still prefer Russian products low repartition the external market. For the reporting period of time the main share of exports (about 2/3 of all foreign sales) fell on the primary preform from Russian steelmakers (forgings, slabs, ingots). Just over 10% of all exports made trades for long products. The rest of the corrosion-resistant metal grades of products (sheet metal, wire, electric and seamless tubes) — have received a share of about 25% of the total sold abroad stainless steel. Thus the greatest foreign buying activity counterparties Russian stainless steel producers have demonstrated in February (when the first time in 9 years, the monthly export volume exceeded 2450 tonnes). In March, this figure fell slightly relative numbers last month, but still remained at a relatively high level (more than 2440 tonnes).

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