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Cast iron CHH32


Name The value
Designation GOST Cyrillic ЧХ32
Designation GOST Latin ChX32
Transliteration ChH32
The chemical elements ZrCr32


Cast iron CHH32 used: for the manufacture of parts with high corrosion resistance in solutions of acids, alkalis and salts, in gases containing sulfur or carbon dioxide and parts with high abrasive wear resistance (parts that operate at low mechanical loads in the environment of SO2 and SO3 in alkalis high concentration of nitric acid solutions and molten salts at temperatures up to 1000 °C; the details of centrifugal pumps, furnace fittings, retort for carburizing, nozzles, cylinders, casing spools, strokes furnaces pyrites; nozzles for sand-blasting machines and other parts exposed to abrasion, parts of food equipment, provodkoy fittings light mills).


Chromium heat-resistant (up to 1100−1300 °C) and abrasion resistant high alloy cast iron.


Name Code Standards
Castings with special properties (cast iron and steel) В83 GOST 7769-82

Chemical composition

Standard C S P Mn Cr Si Fe Ti
GOST 7769-82 1.6-3.2 ≤0.08 ≤0.1 ≤1 30-34 1.5-2.5 The rest 0.1-0.3
Fe is the basis.
According to GOST 7769-82, nickel content is allowed up to 1.0% or copper up to 1.50%, introduced by natural alloyed iron, alloyed with steel scrap or magnesium-containing ligature.

Mechanical characteristics

σB, MPa Brinell hardness number, MPa
Castings on OST 1 90077-72
≥290 245-340

Description mechanical marks

Name Description
σB Limit short-term strength