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Conformity of steels to international standards. Analogues of grades.

ISO standards

Quite often when buying rolled metal products there is a question of conformity of steels to international standards, which are produced by domestic manufacturers. The same applies to the reverse when it comes to the purchase of foreign rolled products. One of the best reference points in this case are ISO standards.

Analogues of foreign steels

But by no means always the marking of products is made in accordance with international standards. As a rule, steel alloy is produced and labeled according to the standards in force in the country of the producer of rolled steel. So, analogues of steel grades manufactured according to GOST, in Germany produce according to DIN requirements, in China — GB, Canada — CSA, etc. As for rolled steel in the USA, its production and marking are regulated by several standards:






At the same time compliance of a particular steel with foreign analogues is not always complete, since metal processing depends largely on the level of technology development, methods and raw materials used, as well as many other reasons. It is also worth noting that some types of steel alloys have no analogues and there are only substitutes with similar characteristics and parameters.

Structural steel

For example, steel grades P6 M5 F4-MP and P18-MP have no European analogues, and 16CrN construction steel is not standardized in the United States. Since general information about the rolled metal does not provide complete information about a particular steel grade, the surest way to avoid making a mistake when buying is to consult a specialist. One of the leading players in the domestic market of metal rolling is the company «Auremo», on the website of which you can buy heat-resistant steel pipes and many other products that fully meet the requirements of international quality standards.


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